Cycling Tour

Cycling tour is a self-guided tour of about 19 km, but can be cut short as well. A map of the area and a route description are given. ( bicycles available for rent, RM 35 per bike) Since several towns in the state of Kelantan have names like Pasir Mas (Golden Sand) and Pasir Putih (White Sand), the Dutch couple that started the resort adopted the name Pasir Belanda.

Batik workshop

Batik workshop is in the morning, around ten o’clock and takes about two hours. (RM 45 pp)


Kite decoration

Kite decoration workshop is either in the morning or afternoon. It takes about two hours and youngsters need one of their parents to help them. (RM 50 pp, 2 people minimum)

Cooking class

Cooking class is usually in the afternoon and takes about two hours. (RM 90.- pp, 2 people minimum)


A self-guided walking

A self-guided walking tour around the village is available. (free)

traditional Malay

A traditional Malay massage in your own chalet. (RM 75.- for 1 hour)


A half day city or
country tour

A half day city or country tour can be booked through our office.( RM 380.- for a tour, maximum 4 persons)