Malay Kampung Stay in traditional wooden chalets

View a bike ride through the village

Experience real kampung life 

Would you like to experience authentic Malay Village Life? Come and stay at Pasir Belanda and enjoy the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle of Kelantan.

Pasir Belanda is located in a peaceful village just outside the bustle of Kota Bharu city towards the well known Pantai Cahaya Bulan beach.

It is a green and peaceful rural area, perfect for exploring on foot, or by bicycle. Here the heart of the Malay culture can be found.

As you roam around the kampung you will meet craftsmen and women painting batik, weaving decorative cloth known as songket, and making kites. You’ve every chance of seeing a fisherman throwing his net to catch fish or a monkey picking coconuts for his owner.

It’s not unusual to meet with a flock of goats or a herd of cows on your tour around the village.

Pasir Belanda is run by Cikgu Mustafa & family and their local staff.