Some history

A few hundred years ago some ships from Holland came ashore and camped at one of the beaches of Penang. That’s why the locals there still call that beach “Pasir Belanda”.  Pasir Belanda means Dutch Sand.  Since several towns in the state of Kelantan have names that start with Pasir ( like Pasir Mas, Pasir Putih, etc.) we adopted Pasir Belanda as the name for our company.

The house we  live in, was built in 1969 by an English man, Dato’ Howard Foster Biles (1916-2003). He came to Malaya as a marine officer in the Second World War.

Later he was appointed  Protector for the Orang Asli’s in the state of Pahang and Kelantan. After his retirement in 1969 he became Supervisor of the Royal Household of the Sultan of Kelantan.