Tumpat Temple Tour 4D3N

Day 1: You arrive at Pasir Belanda Resort. Enjoy the relaxed kampung atmosphere! Order dinner with the host family for an excellent local dish.

Day 2: (19km) Your first day of cycling. You set out from Pasir Belanda in Kota Bharu and cycle on small village trails to Kuala Besar and come back to Pasir Belanda. Small villages, beaches and visits to a local kite maker, fish cracker factories and a World War II bunker will make this journey unforgettable. You stay overnight in Pasir Belanda Resort.

Day 3: You cycle from Pasir Belanda to your home stay address in Tumpat. The journey is about 27 km (can be shortened to 20 km) and will follow small roads, avoiding traffic and motorways as much as possible. The Tumpat area is situated on the other side of the Kelantan river and you need to take a ferry to get there. Here’s where you find lots of Thai temples with colorful decorations like the ‘Wat Photivihan’, the temple of the sleeping Buddha. ‘Wat Machimmaram’ is the temple of the sitting Buddha and in ‘Wat Pikulthong’ you will see a standing Buddha. Have a good look out for rattan furniture factories. It’s interesting to see what they can make out of this local grown species of rattan. You’ll spend the night in a traditional village house near Tumpat town.

Day 4: Another day of sightseeing in this area mixed with Malay, Thai and Chinese cultures. Have a look around in the old heritage town of Tumpat (6 km). In the past this town was a hub for sailors and it’s harbour was used as a storage place for export goods like rubber and palm oil and iron ore from the interior. When you climb the old lighthouse you’ll have a nice view of the natural harbour of Tumpat and it’s railway station. You can also make a detour (23 km) if you would like to visit the Thai border and do some shopping there. The journey back to Pasir Belanda is about 14 km. You can visit another beautiful temple, the ‘Wat Mai Suwankiri’. Two enormous dragons are crawling around the temple site! Visit a Wayang Kulit maker (Shadow Puppets) and a Serunding factory (dried and spiced meat floss) before you cross over by ferry to Kota Bharu.

At Pasir Belanda Resort  you can take up activities such as  walking, a cooking workshop, a kite decoration workshop or just relax and ask for a massage. Please contact Pasir Belanda Resort for prices.

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